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A Fleeting beauty COllection

There is an uncommon beauty that hides in an enchanted cluster of pink granite islands sitting in a green sound. They hold years of secrets and lore like treasures in a chest. An unmatchable allure that can only be found there, in the Thimble Islands. But alas, it is a beauty that has a prognosis. An approaching doom-- to be swallowed by the tide. My Collection serves to preserve the memory of my home. I want to immortalize the beauty and the memories that I have in these garments, infusing them with the coastal scenery. These memories manifest in the form of garments, paintings, poetry, and many other forms of art. I have combined these handmade manifestations of the sea into my collection, to create a well-rounded representation of the beauty that I long to be forever immersed in.


Portfolio Pages

A very important part of my process is the handmade portfolio which documents the creation of my looks, and all of the other media that I made alongside them. This portfolio encapsulates the entire collection, and is filled with embellishments, drapes, collages, paintings, and other works that capture the essence of my thesis.

Handmade Portfolio

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